Large Trump sign vandalized outside Lincoln County Republican office

Photo of the MAINE WOMEN FOR TRUMP sign along Route 1 in Damariscotta that was vandalized this weekend.

DAMARISCOTTA, ME – A large MAINE WOMEN FOR TRUMP sign outside the Lincoln County Republican Party’s office was vandalized sometime during the evening of January 17th or the early morning of January 18th.

The office, located in Damariscotta, sits in a high traffic area on Route 1. The party had previously scheduled the grand opening of the office for January 19th.

A representative for the Lincoln County Republicans says that “security camera recordings are being reviewed for possible identification of the vandals.”

The party says that rather than immediately replace the sign, they are leaving it as it is for now as the vandalism “even more dramatically testifies to the character” of President Trump’s detractors and “the substance of their opposition.”

They say the original intent was to demonstrate that “accomplished and influential Maine women support our President.”

Others also weighed in.

“If your strategy for winning involves vandalism, intimidation, and suppressing free speech, then you have the wrong strategy and the wrong message,” said Dr. Jay Allen, the Republican candidate for Congress in Maine District 1.

Lincoln County was identified as one of the top 10 counties that will decide the Presidential election in an analysis of the 2020 Presidential election by The Hill. The county is also the home of an organized and vocal anti-Trump “Resistance” group.

The group reported that the grand opening of the office today was strongly attended. A group of the grand opening attendees posed with the now-vandalized sign.

The Lincoln County Republican Committee welcomes financial support at their online donation page.

The Lincoln County Republican Committee website can be found at

A group of women from the Lincoln County area pose with a now-defaced Maine Women for Trump sign to show their unaffected support for President Trump.

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