Joe Biden and his allies would cause irreparable harm to Maine families

Vice President Joe Biden will participate in a virtual “rally” with Maine Democrats on Sunday, May 31.

Following is an op-ed from Asst. House Minority Leader Rep. Trey Stewart

Tomorrow Joe Biden will be speaking at a Maine Democrats virtual rally with a litany of far-left politicians whose plans for Maine would irreparably harm Maine families.

As part of Biden’s plan for Democrat unity following becoming the party’s presumptive nominee for President, he has revealed what we all knew to be true the whole time: he is just another radical socialist.

Heading up Biden’s far-left task force and speaking at his side on Sunday is none other than Vermont senator and twice-failed Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

A cornerstone of the Biden-Sanders agenda is the Green New Deal, an initiative which would ban fossil fuels outright. In Maine, nearly two-thirds of our households use fuel oil as their primary source of warmth in the winter. 

I don’t know if Biden has ever been to The County but without fuel oil, many of my constituents would not be able to survive our long, harsh winters.

During a pandemic, you would think the last thing Joe Biden would want to do is support anything that abolishes private health insurance yet, speaking alongside Biden tomorrow is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren has championed a government-run healthcare scheme, embraced by Biden, that would kick more than 700,000 Mainers off of their insurance.

This radical move puts Mainers in immense danger.

As a Mainer and an American, the Second Amendment is important to me and my constituents. Joe Biden has no idea what the Second Amendment even says anymore. In fact, earlier this year he called a union worker “full of shit” and then threatened to take away his “AR-14” when he criticized Biden’s gun control policies. 

You read that right, AR-14. 

On top of not understanding basic firearms, Biden has appointed Beto O’Rourke as his gun policy czar. For clarity, this is the same Beto O’Rourke who wants to use law enforcement to forcibly confiscate firearms from law-abiding Mainers.

Mainers rejected far-reaching gun control schemes in 2016, and we need to do it again in 2020.

Also, speaking alongside Biden is my legislative colleague House Speaker Sara Gideon. 

Although calling her a colleague at this point is a little generous because as soon as the Coronavirus started, Gideon adjourned the Maine Legislature. For more than 70 days Gideon has ensured that the legislature isn’t in session and we can’t get to work on critical issues that will help Mainers in this time of need.

Although having Sara Gideon working is dangerous enough, since she pushed legislation that called for a 40 cent increase on gasoline and fuel oil. This tax would harm poor Mainers who are trying to drive to work or keep their houses warm through the winter. 

Tomorrow Congressman Jared Golden, who represents Maine’s Second Congressional District, will be speaking alongside Joe Biden as well. This is the same Jared Golden who promised Mainers on the campaign trail that he would legislate as a moderate in Congress.

Unfortunately for the citizens of the Second District, Jared Golden is far from a moderate.

A new study from the Lugar Center found that Jared Golden is the most partisan of Maine’s four-member Congressional delegation. That’s right, he’s even more partisan than Chellie Pingree.

Let’s compare these radical plans with what Republican leadership has done for our state throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a part of President Trump’s CARES Act, one-time checks are being sent to households around America to help keep them on their feet. The IRS has already issued $1.2 billion in Economic Impact Payments to Mainers.

And beyond President Trump’s support, small businesses around the country have a true friend in Senator Susan Collins, who co-authored the Paycheck Protection Program, a critical lifeline to Maine small businesses.

In Maine, Collins’ Paycheck Protection Program has saved 372,000  jobs, and granted 40,413 loans totaling almost $4.2 billion dollars.

These loans are ensuring that Maine’s small businesses can stay in business throughout the pandemic and keep Mainers employed and ready to get back to work when it’s finally over.

Our local hospitals are critically important during this pandemic.

Senator Collins has led the fight to ensure that Maine is getting crucial funding to help combat coronavirus. Among the highlights of her phenomenal work on behalf of Mainers is $318 million in Maine hospital funding and a whopping $1.35 billion in direct funding to Maine as a part of her and President Trump’s CARES Act.

Thanks to President Trump and Senator Collins, our hospitals are getting desperately needed funding. 

Now, more than ever, we need leaders like President Trump and Senator Collins. Joe Biden and his socialist squad’s dangerous policies would harm Maine families and only regress our great nation.

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