Jared Golden takes heat for keeping cash from socialist Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Jared Golden is taking heat for keeping $5,000 given to him by controversial and proud socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

WASHINGTON D.C. – He’s a liberal Congressman representing northern Maine who ran as a moderate, even emulating Donald Trump’s “drain the swamp” message in television ads. But now, with his party in control of both chambers of the United States Congress, Jared Golden’s real political positions on some issues are becoming more and more clear by the day.

This has also led to extreme politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepping up to finance Rep. Jared Golden’s political future.

Recently, Rep. Golden’s campaign received a check for $5,000 from Ocasio-Cortez, a proud socialist who advocates for such policies as Defunding Police and the Green New Deal, which would drive home heating and transporation costs through the roof on Maine people in Golden’s district. The contribution was one of a series AOC made to allies in the liberal movement.

Golden accepted the contribution, even as some of his fellow Democrats who claim to be moderates returned the money. That should not come as a big surprise, as even before Golden was emboldened by more fellow liberals being elected to Congress, ProPublica, a non-profit investigative news organization, said Reps. Golden and Ocasio-Cortez agreed on 85% of their votes, and only disagreed on 7 major votes out of nearly 1,000.

A spokesperson for the NRCC highlighted AOC’s funding of Golden, saying in a statement about Golden keeping the money from AOC, “Golden is proudly owning the donation, showing he stands with AOC’s radical socialist agenda that wants to Defund the Police, Abolish ICE, and open our borders. So much for that “moderate” act.”

Golden has also recently made the claim that he was fighting to remove corporate PAC money and other types of money out of politics, but the NRCC was quick to point out that Golden has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from such sources.

“Jared Golden is a fraud who launders corporate PAC money to his campaign and lies to his constituents about it,” said NRCC Spokesperson Samantha Bullock.

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