Jared Golden takes fire for Yes vote on impeachment inquiry, “nail in his political career’s coffin”

Rep. Jared Golden in his Washington D.C. office.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Within hours of Congressman Jared Golden saying he will vote for Nancy Pelosi’s resolution on the impeachment inquiry in the United States House of Representatives, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said Golden’s vote was a nail in the coffin of his political career.

With the announcement, Golden tried to frame his position as giving President Trump due process, but the national Republican group doesn’t see it that way.

Saying that Golden now supports his party’s efforts to remove President Trump from office, NRCC spokesman Michael McAdam did not mince words.

“Jared Golden’s decision to back impeachment will be the nail in his political career’s coffin,” McAdams said.

Nina McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, said Jared Golden had joined the “squad”, a group of liberal-socialist pro-impeachment freshman members of Congress, which includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Today, Jared Golden chose Nancy Pelosi and the socialist squad over Maine’s Second Congressional District. Coming from a district that overwhelmingly supports our President, Golden’s choice to abandon his district will have Mainers abandoning him at the polls in 2020,” said McLaughlin.

The Republicans vying to challenge Golden in the 2020 election also were critical of Golden.

“This is not only an attack on President Trump; it’s an attack on his pro-economy, pro-jobs and pro-growth policies. The Democrats in DC, along with Jared Golden, should be focusing on working with the President to continue the record setting economic growth we have seen. That is what makes America great,” said Dale Crafts, a former four-term state legislator from Lisbon.

Adrienne Bennett, former spokesperson for Governor LePage and a candidate in the Republican primary to challenge Golden, called the impeachment a “kangaroo court” and said it is something “we don’t need as a country” in a Facebook live video from Washington D.C. where she said she was visiting for the day.

“Mainers and Americans can decide for ourselves next November whether to keep Donald Trump. To bring impeachment forward now is political posturing that does nothing to benefit everyday Mainers,” said former State Senator Eric Brakey.

Brakey was the first Republican to launch a campaign against Golden.

While Golden appeared to be trying to have it both ways, claiming that while he was a Yes on the resolution but undecided on impeachment, the extreme left wing of his base was giving him props for supporting impeachment.

Jon Cooper, Chairman of the Democratic Coalition, a far left group which helps run “The Resistance” and established the Impeachment Task Force Tweeted that Golden was a “Yes” to the pleasure of his many Twitter followers.

The official vote on the impeachment resolution, which lays out the rules for the impeachment process, is scheduled to take place today.

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