Jared Golden raising funds for re-election before taking office in Washington

Jared Golden, who recently was declared the winner of a controversial ranked-choice voting election in Maine’s Second Congressional District, is raising money for his next campaign before taking office.

WASHINGTON – On the eve of taking office for the first time as the Congressman for Maine’s Second Congressional District, Jared Golden is already raising money for his re-election campaign.

Mr. Golden, who lost the election for Congress on election day but was declared the winner after multiple rounds of votes from the losing candidates were retabulated under Maine’s controversial ranked-choice voting process, will be sworn in on January 3, according to the email.

The email says Golden needs to get an “early start” on fundraising for his re-election because he expects a “tough” battle.

Golden has yet to announce any specific legislation or plans for his term in Congress, and has not yet been assigned a committee, but his team did say in the email that he had an end of year political fundraising goal.

Golden’s claim on the campaign trail that he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House will be tested first, as votes in leadership elections take place soon after the new members of Congress are sworn in.

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