Jared Golden hit for supporting taxpayer funded abortions for illegal immigrants, socialist health care

Rep. Jared Golden is under fire for cosponsoring a version of Medicare for All that would cost about $32 trillion over ten years, eliminate more private insurance plans and provide taxpayer funded abortions for illegal immigrants. Photo from Jared Golden official Facebook page.

Washington – Rep. Jared Golden of Maine is under fire for his support of the “Medicare for All” plan that would cost taxpayers $32 trillion over a ten-year period and provide taxpayer funded abortions for illegal immigrants, according to the Wall Street Journal and details provided in an article from Politico, among other sources.

In a statement released Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee highlighted the $32 trillion price tag on the plan Golden is cosponsoring, as well as the fact that it will eliminate most private health insurance plans in the United States.

In the statement, the NRCC said, “By signing on to the $32 trillion boondoggle that guarantees taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal immigrants, Golden proved he’s completely fine with eliminating Maine residents’ access to private and employer-sponsored insurance plans and taxing them to death to do it.”

The NRCC also made reference to Golden’s efforts to present himself as a bipartisan member of Congress with a vote against a gun control bill

“Despite his bipartisan act, Jared Golden is just as radical as the rest of the socialists running the Democratic Party. Golden’s support for government-run health care will leave Maine voters with worse care at a higher cost,” said Michael McAdams, spokesman for the NRCC.

Golden has touted his support of the plan in recent days, but has not broached the issues of the price tag of his plan, the funding of abortions, either for Americans or illegal immigrants, or the fact that the plan would likely cost hundreds of thousands of Maine people their private health insurance plans.

Current law forbids federal tax dollars from paying for abortions, but that would change under the plan cosponsored by Golden.

As a cosponsor of the proposal, Golden has stuck to the same talking points pushed by the plan’s national progressive supporters.

Rep. Chellie Pingree, who holds Maine’s other seat in U.S. Congress, is also a supporter of the proposal.

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