Jared Golden criticized for health care plan that would kick 723k Mainers off insurance, raise taxes

Congressman Jared Golden in a meeting in his Congressional Office in 2019. (Congressman Jared Golden)

Washington – The Congressional Leadership Fund is not mincing words about Congressman Jared Golden’s decision to cosponsor a plan that would cost about 723,000 Mainers their private health insurance and dramatically raise taxes on middle-class Mainers to cover a government-controlled health care program in its place.

In a statement, CLF spokesperson Calvin Moore said, “Jared Golden is putting his selfish dreams of a socialist, government-run health care system ahead of Mainers’ well-being.”

The criticism appeared to come about as a result of Senator Bernie Sanders’ admission that he would raise payroll taxes on working Americans to cover the Medicare for All program that Golden has signed on to support.

A study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University said that the federal individual income and corporate income tax could be doubled and still not cover the cost of the plan Golden and Sanders support.

Rep. Golden’s support of the plan is laid out in a “road map” for health care he released in February of this year.

“Golden’s plan would force Americans to pay trillions in new taxes, just so they can wait in line for substandard health care provided by government bureaucrats. It’s cruel, heartless and why Mainers need to vote Jared Golden out next November,” said Calvin Moore.

When releasing his health care plan, Golden said “Our current healthcare system cannot guarantee every Mainer quality care without bold changes.”

“That’s why I believe we must one day find a way to achieve universal coverage in America. Medicare for All would transform our healthcare system to make it work for everyday people,” he said.

Studies have shown that the plan Golden supports would ultimately cost $32 trillion over a ten-year period. While some critics say that adding that much spending to the federal budget is a surefire way to bankrupt the United States without massive tax hikes, others point to the fact that hundreds of millions of Americans would see less responsive, less effective health care than they currently have in their private health insurance plans.

A recent study published by the American Medical Association said Maine’s hospitals, among the most reliant on federal revenue in the nation, would take a financial hit. Because Medicare’s fees are typically lower than the cost to provide the services, hospitals would begin to lose money on almost all services they provide to anyone with the new government-run healthcare coverage.

Other experts criticize the plan because Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services require prior approval for many medical tests and procedures. Decisions that had once been made privately between a patient and their doctor would now become reliant on the approval of far-off government bureaucrats, they say.

CLF went so far as to suggest Golden should take down a “glaringly false” campaign video in which Golden said he is “all about middle class tax cuts” now that his support of the health care plan is known.

But Golden says his road map ends with Medicare for All, and that it is, “the right thing to do, and the right thing for America.”

Maine’s other Representative to Congress, Rep. Chellie Pingree, supports the same Medicare for All plan as Rep. Golden.

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