Janet Mills’ past support for illegal immigrant voting resurfaces amid debate in Portland

In 2009 Governor Janet Mills opened the door to allowing non-citizens to vote in some Maine elections. That decision reverberates today as Portland moves forward with a push to allow non-citizen voting.

PORTLAND – In May of 2009, Attorney General Janet Mills opened the door to allowing non-citizens to vote in Maine’s local elections by penning an opinion letter to then-Senator Justin Alfond saying, “I know of no constitutional impediment to passage of L.D. 1195.”

While that proposal did not lead to immediate passage of a bill to allow non-citizens to vote in Maine, it stands to this day as the authoritative statement to enable local municipalities to allow non-citizens to vote in Maine elections, provided supporters can achieve statutory or municipal changes to do so.

Now, as the City of Portland’s Charter Commission works to enact a plan to allow non-citizen voting in their city, Mills’ past support is resurfacing.

In a press release mid-day Friday, the Republican Governor’s Association took Mills to task for opening the door to the current effort and then failing to speak up

“Janet Mills supported illegal immigrant voting before radical D.C. Democrats, like AOC, made it cool elsewhere,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert in a statement last week. “She filed a legal opinion in support of illegal immigrant voting in Maine as the state’s Attorney General, solidifying her position on the issue forever.”

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