Janet Mills labels LePage backers “extremists” in appeal for campaign cash

Governor Janet Mills said in a February email that she needs campaign contributions after attacking supporters of Gov. Paul LePage as “extremists”

AUGUSTA – Janet Mills needs more campaign cash because the supporters of her opponent, former Governor Paul LePage are “extremists” according to an email signed by Governor Mills herself back in February.

It’s not the first time Mills, who is typically labeled by Maine’s media as more “civil” in her rhetoric, has attacked Republicans with biting, even vicious comments.

At the Maine Democratic Party State Convention in 2014, Mills made a rather shocking comment about the number of Gov. Paul LePage’s siblings and his position on abortion.

Mills also, at one point, engaged in a social media post that suggested Melania Trump was out having an abortion when it was learned she was receiving treatment for a benign kidney condition.

In February, however, Mills seemed intent on using her labeling of LePage backers as extremists to build her own campaign war chest by asking recipients of her email to donate $15 to help her team keep their momentum against LePage’s “extremist” supporters.

Following the body of the email, Mills also tucked in a neat little donate button asking donors to chip in part because Mills has been “keeping people healthy and safe during this pandemic.”

Case numbers for COVID in Maine have been hard to nail down in recent months as Maine has faced the worst testing backlog in the nation. Recent United States CDC Data suggests that Maine has seen about 133,000 more COVID infections than the Mills Administration had reported, according to the Bangor Daily News.

See screenshots provided at the end of the article for the claim Mills made about LePage backers and Mills’ COVID fundraising button.

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Screenshot from email signed and sent by Gov. Janet Mills labeling supporters of Paul LePage extremists.
Screenshot from bottom of same email showing Governor Mills raising money from her Covid policies.

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