In tweet, Sara Gideon says campaign, not working as House Speaker, is her most important job

WASHINGTON D.C. – In a tweet from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon was quoted today as saying her most important job is running for U.S. Senate.

That might be news for the other 185 members of the Maine Legislature in the Maine House and Senate. They are preparing to take up hundreds of pieces of legislation that were carried over or that are being introduced in the Maine Legislature this year.

The second session of the Maine Legislature is not expected to end until the spring of 2020, and lawmakers, led by Gideon and Senate President Troy Jackson are expected to consider new laws and spending bills that will impact the lives of virtually every Maine resident.

Among the issues that could be tackled by lawmakers are new taxes on gas and heating oil, funding for Maine’s nursing homes that was held up by Gov. Janet Mills, proposals to finally fund waiting lists for disabled Mainers that Gideon has historically not funded and much, much more.

The DSCC’s support of Gideon itself has faced withering criticism from her Democrat opponents in the U.S. Senate primary, who say it is not the job of Sen. Chuck Schumer and establishment Democrats to pick the candidate for Maine voters.

Gideon has also faced criticism for the support from Schumer and a network of PACs runs by Washington Democrats. Critics say her eagerness to cash donation checks from those committees, which are largely funded with large corporate donations, is yet another a violation of her pledge to oppose corporate PAC money.

The tweet from the official DSCC twitter account quotes Gideon directly.

The NRSC, the DSCC’s Republican counterpart, recently launched a Twitter ad dinging Gideon for her lack of public appearances.

The ad ties in reports of Senator Chuck Schumer telling Senate candidates they are going to spend most of the campaign in a “windowless basement” raising money so they can spend it on negative ads.

The second session of the Maine Legislature will begin in early January and run until mid-April. Lawmakers are expected to work through and vote on more than 600 individual proposed bills.

Aside from attending a recent meeting of the Maine Legislature’s Legislative Council to consider new proposed legislation, Gideon’s work as Speaker has largely been on the back burner in recent months. Recently, Gideon has refocused her campaign attacks on former Governor Paul LePage and President Donald Trump, running a television ad criticizing both of them.

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