GALLUP: More Americans say they are pro-life than pro-choice

Governor Janet Mills recently signed legislation into effect to deregulate abortions and provide taxpayer funded abortions. Screenshot from Janet Mills for Governor campaign ad.

WASHINGTON D.C. – More Americans identify as “pro-life” than “pro-choice” according to a Gallup poll conducted from May 1 to May 12, 2019. The public opinion firm conducts the poll annually and has been tracking the issue since 1975. The last time Gallup identified more Americans as pro-life than pro-choice was in 2013.

According to Gallup, 49% of Americans identify as pro-life, while 46% identify as pro-choice. A majority of Americans (53%) believe abortion should be legal under certain circumstances. Those who believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances (25%), slightly outnumber those who believe abortion should be illegal under any circumstance (21%).

The combined number of Americans who say abortion should be illegal in any circumstance or  those who say abortion should be legal in only a few circumstances, however, is 60%.

That strong 60% majority of Americans who say there should be at least some significant restrictions on abortions stands tall over the 38% of Americans who say either that abortion should be legal in any circumstance or in most circumstances.

Politically, about one-third of Americans told Gallup that they want the candidate they vote for to share their views on abortion. 26% of pro-choice Americans said they would only vote for a candidate that is also pro-choice.

Similarly, 35% of pro-life Americans said they would only vote for a candidate that is also pro-life.

In Maine, Governor Janet Mills recently signed major new abortion laws into effect. Those bills included a deregulation bill that makes Maine only the second state in the nation, following California, to allow abortions to be performed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Another bill required all private health insurance policies in Maine to cover abortions and then used that mandate in the same legislation to require state Medicaid coverage to also cover abortions as an issue of equality.

The bill to allow abortion procedures without a doctor present was opposed by some on the basis of safety, but has not been challenged with a ‘people’s veto’ effort as of yet. The bill that provides taxpayer funding of abortion is facing a people’s veto, with pro-life forces currently collecting signatures to put the matter out to voters in a referendum.

The poll was conducted via telephone interviews with a random sample of 1,009 adults over the age of 18 living in the 50 states and Washington D.C.

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