Female candidate with ties to Emily Cain accused of sexual harassment

KANSAS – A woman running for Congress with the support of former Maine Congressional candidate Emily Cain is dropping out of the race after facing accusations of sexual harassment.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Kansas Democrat Andrea Ramsey will drop out of the race on Friday. The accusations in question go back about a decade. Ramsey, in a public statement maintains her innocence but expresses disappointment that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee will not support her.

Ramsey was supported by Emily’s List, a pro-abortion national group that is run by Emily Cain, who formerly served as Minority Leader in the Maine House and as a State Senator in Maine before running twice for Congress.

Cain’s group, known for it’s aggressive support of pro-abortion candidates, told the Kansas City Star they supported the candidate dropping out and wished her well.

Andrea Ramsey, photo courtesy candidate’s website.

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