Farmington: Four illegal immigrants from Brazil arrested by Border Patrol

US Customs and Border Protection, Rangeley Border Patrol Station.

FARMINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Patrol says a report of suspicious activity near the local Wal-Mart led to the arrest of four Brazilian nationals residing in the United States illegally.

On September 11th, agents investigating the report of suspicious activity apprehended two of the four illegal immigrants. In the process of allowing them to retrieve personal belongings at the hotel they were staying at, agents discovered two more Brazilians and took them into custody as well.

“We rely on the public and our enforcement partners to serve as force multipliers for us,” said Jason Owens, Chief Patrol Agents of the Border Patrol in Maine.  “With our limited resources, it would be next to impossible for us to achieve situational awareness without their assistance.”   

All four of the men were taken to the Rangeley Border Patrol Station for processing.

Agents also discovered that all four men entered the United States legally with B1/ B2 tourist visas between 2007 and 2018.  Additionally, all four men admitted to engaging in unlawful work activities while in the United States. 

All four were entered into removal proceedings.

The arrests continue a long string of apprehensions of illegal immigrants across Maine this summer, some as a result of illegal criminal activity and some related to unlawful work activity.

The arrests have played out against the backdrop of the southern border crisis, which has been at the top of President Donald Trump’s priorities in recent months.

Anyone wishing to make a confidential report of suspicious activity may call (800) 851-8727 to contact the United States Border Patrol in Maine.  

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