Democrats protest Schumer’s support of Sara Gideon, Gideon’s corporate PAC history

Progressive lobbyist, activist and candidate for US Senate Betsy Sweet is taking issue with Sara Gideon’s immediate support from political insiders like Chuck Schumer in Maine’s Democratic Primary.

AUGUSTA – A storm is brewing in the southern Maine political scene. Within 24 hours of House Speaker Sara Gideon announcing she would run for the U.S. Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer’s political operatives had thrown their full support behind Gideon, despite the fact that she has at least two Democratic primary opponents.

Those opponents, lobbyist Betsy Sweet and Brie Kidman, are now speaking out against Schumer and pointing to Gideon’s corporate PAC donation history and evidence that the “DC political elite” are putting their thumb on the scale of the primary.

In a tweet, Brie Kidman hit Gideon for taking money from corporations through her PAC, saying, “Also, just… just LOOK at her leadership PAC. Comcast. Verizon. Spectrum. AT&T. Merck. Eli Lilly. Anthem Blue Cross. In WHAT world are those not special interests?”

Kidman also hit Gideon for voting against an ethics investigation into Rep. Ryan Tipping when he was exposed for having accepted payments from a PAC to support a tax increase while serving in the legislature. Gideon named Tipping the chair of the Legislature’s Taxation Committee after those payments had been publicly disclosed.

Sweet, who placed third in the 2018 Democratic Primary for Governor, retweeted the DSCC’s tweet endorsing Gideon and said, “Here we go again. The DC political elite is trying to tell Mainers who our candidate should be.”

“It’s disappointing, though not surprising, that Chuck Schumer and D.C. lobbyists and operatives feel the need to tell Mainers who to support in the primary,” Sweet told the Washington Free Beacon. You can read that article by clicking here.

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