Craig’s List “Natty Daddy” listing on missed connection in Portland Trader Joe’s is absolute gold

Mainers on social media are sharing an epic Craig’s List missed connection listing based on an interaction between two people in the Portland Trader Joe’s. Like a pulp romance story we find a “statuesque” man, a valuable lost item, a hint of sadness and a main character trying to make up for a lost opportunity.

The listing, posted on November 21 starts out with the writer saying the subject’s “statuesque frame loomed quietly in the trail mix aisle” while the writer pretended to be interested in the “dusty bags of walnuts” and reading the ingredients, which apparently consisted of only “california raw walnuts. Shelled. Halved. Whole. Organic. Unsulphured.”

I wanted to reach out and touch my palm to the ridge of your shoulder blade.”

I say our. I say we. A you and a me.”

Your eyes lit up like twinkling butterscotch chips.”

The writer explains how she tracked him down in the parking lot, returning his forgotten debit card, enabling him to buy “Natty Daddy’s” that night.

She closes with “Natty daddy, if you ever need a B I G H U G hmu.”

To read the full, epic missed connection listing, click here.

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