Cote, Caron, Russell Biggest Surprises In Reports From Maine Candidates For Governor

Alan Caron, independent candidate for Maine Governor. Photo courtesy Alan Caron for Governor Facebook Page.

AUGUSTA – This week, Maine candidates running to replace Paul LePage as Governor of the state of Maine filed their newest finance reports with the Maine Ethics Commission to disclose how much money they raised and spent in the previous campaign period.

We are sure you will get a lot of analysis of the top numbers and broader narrative of the race, but here are several of the biggest surprises in the reports:

Adam Cote’s Huge Numbers

Democrat Adam Cote raised over half a million dollars in 2017 and has an advantage of about $100,000 in cash on hand over his closest Democratic competitor, Attorney General Janet Mills.

Cote has just under $340,000 cash on hand to Mills’ approximately $230,000.

Alan Caron’s Huge Check

Independent candidate Alan Caron may be a more formidable candidate than some pundits thought, loaning his own campaign $175,000 and borrowing another $75,000 from Kristina Egan.

That kind of money plus some name recognition from years writing a column for Maine Today Media combined with no need for him to spend a penny to win a primary put Alan Caron in a position to garner serious support or potentially play kingmaker in the November election.

Diane Russell’s Huge Reliance On Lyft

Former Democratic State Representative Diane Russell uses the ride service Lyft a lot!

Russell reported 50 individual transactions with Lyft Ride, a ride-sharing service similar to Uber, during the three-month period of this report. Those transactions total almost $650.

If Russell keeps up this pace through June, we can see Lyft asking if she will shoot a commercial for them.

Just imagine the commercial, “Diane Russell ran for Governor of Maine, powered by Lyft.”

Russell also has a few transactions for an iTunes subscription, but she’s going to have to pick up the pace if she wants to get attention as the “Apple Candidate”.

You can view the full reports of Maine candidates for Governor at the Maine Ethics Commission website for candidate reports.

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