Cory Booker crosses Mexican border to “help” asylum seekers get to United States

Cory Booker does media interviews on the U.S./Mexico in a video released by the Booker campaign as he went to escort five women across the border. Photo courtesy Cory Booker for President campaign.

EL PASO, TEXAS – United States Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate Cory Booker crossed the United States border from El Paso to Juarez, Mexico this week to help five women he says are ‘asylum seekers’ fleeing domestic violence to enter into the United States and present themselves to U.S. border officials.

Senator Booker’s actions, announced on his political campaign’s Twitter account, were, according to the Senator’s tweets, to help them present themselves for asylum and to ensure they are not sent back.

Booker also tweeted that “this is a crisis that demands an urgent answer.” But, when the U.S. Senate was voting on emergency funding to what some said are dire humanitarian issues for individuals at American border facilities, Booker was listed as “not voting” on that bill. Both Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King voted in favor of that bill, which passed with bipartisan support.

The identities of the women were not released.

Booker took the action across the border in partnership with Families Belong Together, a coalition of about 250 liberal advocacy groups including the ACLU, MoveOn and People’s Action.

The legal support for Booker’s actions and the migrants was provided by Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center. That group provides legal defense for individuals seeking deportation, opposes Remain in Mexico policies where migrants must remain in Mexico while their asylum status is determined and provides other legal services.

Sen. Booker’s press secretary tweeted that said he did not announce the action in advance “Out of concern for the asylum-seekers safety.”

President Donald Trump continues to highlight the need to fix America’s immigration laws and support Border Patrol officials as they grapple with the crisis. In a tweet, President Trump said Democrats “bad Immigration laws” could be “easily fixed” and the laws are the problem.

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