Congressman Bruce Poliquin Announces He’ll Donate Pay During Shutdown

Congressman Bruce Poliquin speaks as a member of Congress’ Bipartisan Heroin Task Force in Washington D.C. Photo courtesy Facebook.

Washington D.C. – As the federal government shutdown passed it’s twelfth hour yesterday, Congressman Bruce Poliquin was fed up with the gridlock and partisan games in Washington, so he announced he would donate his paycheck to help feed Maine people.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Poliquin said, “I voted to avert a government shutdown. And now I am refusing any pay while the government is not funded and will be donating my pay to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.”

Poliquin went on to say that those who voted against the continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating are “playing with fire” and that it is “outrageous that anyone in Congress continues to collect a paycheck while critical services and the federal government remain unfunded.”

You can read Rep. Poliquin’s full statement on his Facebook page by clicking here.

A number of members of Congress have announced they would not accept pay when the government shutdown began.

Maine’s delegation split their votes on the latest effort to avert the shutdown, with Rep. Chellie Pingree and Senator Angus King voting against the funding bill, while Rep. Poliquin and Senator Susan Collins voted in favor of the bill.

Nationally, Republicans have taken to naming the shutdown the “Schumer Shutdown” while Democrats have sought to label it a “Trump Shutdown” despite the fact that Democrats in the U.S. Senate are the remaining obstruction to passage of continued funding.

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