Border Patrol arrests three illegal immigrants in Augusta, place in removal proceedings

AUGUSTA – Border Patrol agents assisting a stranded motorist discovered three illegal immigrants hailing from three different nations in the course of their work. That discovery led to all three being arrested and transported to the Rangeley Border Patrol station for processing to be entered into removal proceedings.

According to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, on October 10, agents arrested the three males with various immigration related offenses.

One of the subjects, a 42 year old Chinese national, entered the United States in 2001 on a fiancée visa.  The man did not marry a United States citizen, as required by the visa conditions, and failed to depart the United States.  The Chinese man, with a previous arrest for domestic violence, was found to have violated his visa conditions and to be in the United States in violation of immigration law.

The second subject, a 22 year old male from Guatemala, admitted to entering the United States illegally near Laredo, Texas, in 2013.  The man had been ordered removed from the United States when he failed to appear before an immigration court in 2013.  The Guatemalan male had previously lived in North Carolina, Virginia, and New York and was previously arrests for public intoxication and trespassing.

The third subject, a 25 year old male from Mexico, admitted to entering illegally through Arizona. He stated he had been living and working within the United States for several years and was recruited to work in the food service industry in Maine.

“The roads and highways of Maine are being used to facilitate illicit trade and travel.  Securing the border requires us to not only give attention to the immediate border areas, but also the routes and means of egress to the interior of the United States,” said Chief Jason Owens.  

“Border Patrol agents in Maine are assigned to patrol our area of responsibility,” said Jason Owens, Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol in Maine.  “As public servants, there is an expectation that our agents will look to help people in need and sometimes that leads to an enforcement action.”

News of the arrests continue a streak of illegal immigration arrests across Maine this year. Immigration has been a key focus of President Donald Trump, both in his pursuit of greater border security and a wall at the southern border, and in pursuing criminal and violent illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

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