Bangor Lawmakers Collected Nearly $40k In Expense Reimbursements In 2017 Fiscal Year

State Representative John Schneck, a Democrat from Bangor, tops the list of Bangor’s delegation in expense reimbursement funds collected in fiscal year 2017, according to data from the state of Maine.

AUGUSTA – One of the lesser known factors of serving as a legislator in Augusta is that they can be reimbursed for travel or lodging, plus meals, while they are serving in Augusta.

Maine Examiner dug through the data for fiscal year 2017 on the delegation of lawmakers representing the city of Bangor to provide some transparency to voters on the cost, which totaled nearly $40,000 in that time frame for Bangor’s five-member delegation.

Rep. John Schneck collected the most through the Maine Legislature’s expense program, at nearly $10,000, while Rep. Barbara Cardone collected the least, at just under $5,800.

Rep. Aaron Frey collected just over $7,500, but state data also showed he was paid $56,713 as a court appointed lawyer through a separate state government fund.

On average, Bangor’s five lawmakers collected $7,801 per person in expenses.

Below is the list of the amounts collected by each member of the Maine Legislature from Bangor:

Rep. John Schneck – $9,649

Rep. Tori Kornfield – $8,076

Senator Geoff Gratwick – $7,992

Rep. Aaron Frey $7,518 ($56,713 for court appointed legal work)

Rep. Barbara Cardone $5,773

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