Bangor considers plastic bag ban

Photo courtesy Bangor, Maine City website.

The city council of Bangor, Maine is considering a ban on plastic bags at retailers throughout the city.

Some citizens support the initiative, believing that banning the use of plastic bags in favor of reusable bags, or bags constructed of some other materials is a significant benefit to the environment, others are opposed.

Retailers and retail trade associations typically oppose plastic bag bans, along with residents and elected officials who feel it adds an unreasonable burden to some businesses and makes a city less likely to attract new business.

Some people also point out that using reusable shopping bags to carry certain foods, such as raw poultry, increases the odds of food contamination.

Bangor residents who want to weigh in on this topic can email the entire Bangor city council at .

The council is only in early talks on this issue and has not scheduled an official vote.

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