Attack on Collins, UNH incident show pattern of violent political threats says RNC spokesperson

Screenshot from the incident at UNH from video posted on Twitter by Charlie Kirk at Turning Point USA. Twitter: @charliekirk11

Warning – article contains vulgar language

DURHAM, NH – A video posted by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA starts with two college students back to the camera, doing something to a poster that had been posted on a campus bulletin board. Then as he gets closer, the young man shooting the video says, “You guys don’t like our posters?”

Turning around, the two students who were previously tearing posters off the board begin to berate the student holding the camera.

“Yeah man, we fucking hate it,” says one of the students, standing to the left of the camera.

“Yeah man we fucking hate it! We hate you. I hate you and I hope you die!” says the second student, wearing a black hoodie.

That student lunges toward the student holding the camera. He then turns and walks away, sticking up his middle finger. The cameraman says, “That’s awesome. That says a lot about our society right there.”

The statement prompts another outburst from the student in the black hoodie and seemingly ends when the student throws the crumpled poster at the student holding the camera.

The incident follows outrage from conservatives across Maine after Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz attacked Senator Susan Collins, suggesting that she should reconsider her political positions if she wants to avoid death threats and threats of rape in the future, says RNC spokesperson Nina McLaughlin.

In a column, Nemitz recounted a series of threats of violence and rape made against Collins and her staff, only to conclude, “Maybe it’s just me, but if I was experiencing all of those things, I’d start wondering what the heck I’m doing to tick so many people off.”

McLaughlin says that is tasteless victim-blaming and the equivalent of telling a woman who has been attacked or abused that she was “asking for it.”

The trend, McLaughlin says, is one where more and more people on the left are tolerating, or in some cases encouraging, threats or violence.

“These two events are strikingly similar in one blatant way: they both condone rape, violence, and death simply for the ‘crime’ of being Republican,” says McLaughlin.

“Republicans across our country continue to be targeted and attacked for the simple fact that they don’t buy into the extreme left’s socialist ideology. So much for the ‘tolerant left,” she says.

Charlie Kirk, who tweeted the video of the UNH incident, was scheduled to be speaking at UNH this week.

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