As polls slip, Joe Biden unveils plan built on ‘Green New Deal’ and raising income taxes

Screenshot of Joe Biden in a campaign video announcing his climate change plan built on the “critical framework” of the Green New Deal. The plan includes raising federal income taxes.

Washington – Trying to fend off slipping poll numbers and criticism from his left flank that he was failing to act on liberal priorities such as climate change, Joe Biden yesterday unveiled his plan to address climate change. The announcement was almost instantly marred by concerns that parts of the plan were plagiarized.

Biden’s plan would use the “critical framework” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” to create a $1.7 trillion federal spending program partially funded by repealing the federal tax cuts passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in 2017.

In addition, Biden’s website says he will close tax loopholes that “reward work not wealth.”

The “Green New Deal” plan released by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in February was widely mocked for wanting to ban automobiles, air travel and expressing concern over cow flatulence. The components of the plan that would have required virtually every building in America to be gutted and retrofitted with “green” building materials were widely derided as unaffordable.

Many expressed concern in Maine that the Green New Deal’s goal of eliminating fossil fuels would cripple the ability of hundreds of thousands of Mainers to heat their homes in Maine’s dark, frigid winters.

Not long after Biden announced his plan, a coalition of left-wing environmental non-profit groups began raising questions about Biden’s appropriation of language from sources he did not cite in his plan.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Biden appeared to have lifted language wholesale from those non-profits without attribution.

Biden’s first campaign for President in 1987 was hobbled by accusations that Biden had plagiarized material during college and speeches he had given abroad. He eventually admitted to the plagiarism, but downplayed it as not “malevolent.”

The Biden campaign quickly scrambled to amend his plan and cite sources in the instances where concerns of plagiarism were raised.

Biden’s announcement of his “Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice” plan came on the same day that CNN released a poll showing his lead in the Democratic primary slipping dramatically. Compared to a poll from one month previous, Biden’s position in the Democratic Presidential field had slipped 7 points overall, and his lead over Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist from Vermont, had dropped from 29 points to 14 points.

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