Anti-Trump Maine Dem U.S. Senate candidate rolls out guillotine campaign shirts

Lawyer Bre Kidman (left) recently announced the “guillotees” in a tweet. Kidman is vying the Democrat U.S. Senate primary to challenge U.S. Senator Susan Collins. Photos courtesy Bre Kidman Twitter @BeeKay4ME

PORTLAND – A Maine Democratic candidate seeking the party’s United States Senate nomination to challenge Senator Susan Collins has decided to feature the guillotine, a device created in the middle ages to efficiently conduct executions by beheading, on their campaign t-shirts.

Bre Kidman, who is running in the four-candidate Democratic field, announced the new campaign shirts on Twitter Wednesday. They feature a bluish-green outline of a guillotine on what Kidman says they are calling a “GuilloTee.”

Often seen as a symbol of violent revolution between different economic classes, the guillotine was prominently used during the “reign of terror” in the French revolution in the eighteenth century. It has also been used in other parts of Europe. The Nazi regime used the guillotine to execute about 16,000 during that era.

Kidman, in a tweet, said “There will not be a more convenient revolution.”

Kidman regularly rails against President Donald Trump on Twitter and the guillotine shirt announcement was prompted a day early by Trump’s impeachment acquittal.

“I was gonna wait until tomorrow to show off these beauties, but Trump got acquitted and I feel like folks could use something to look forward to. So.” Tweeted Kidman.

Portland Press Herald Columnist Victoria Hugo-Vidal, who goes by the Twitter handle @MaineMillenial tweeted at Kidman “I want them!”

Kidman also tried to use the conversation around the guillotine shirts to tie the campaign to Bernie Sanders.

On Twitter and Facebook posts about the shirts, many have weighed in to criticize Kidman for the image, saying it suggests violence and hurts the cause of the campaign, and civility in general.

Senator Susan Collins, who Kidman is vying to challenge in the general election, today announced that the FBI is investigating three new credible death threats against her. Last week, more than a dozen Maine public schools were put in soft lockdown over a threat made to Senator Collins and the schools.

Based in Saco, Kidman is a lawyer by trade and is running on a mostly progressive platform.

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