Amid Trump push to end ‘diversity visas’ report says 30k were issued from so-called terror states


Screenshot of actual Diversity Visa Lottery page at State Dept website

The Daily Caller is reporting that more than 30,000 diversity visas have been issued to individuals hailing from so-called terror states since 2007.

The report, based on statistics from the White House and published early this afternoon at says that nearly 21,000 diversity visas were issued to Iranians, along with over 7,000 to individuals from Sudan and over 800 to individuals from Syria.

The program, fundamentally a random lottery where winners are awarded a visa based on luck,

has come under extreme scrutiny in recent weeks since a diversity visa recipient from Uzbekistant is alleged to have killed eight people in a terrorist attack in New York.

Among other security concerns raised by some officials is that the diversity visa program could allow potential terrorists to come and go freely, with little oversight or scrutiny.

Many elected officials have attempted to end the controversial program in recent years, and President Trump has clearly spoken in favor of ending the program in favor of ‘merit based’ immigration.

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