Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poses in front of Rockefeller bridge because… socialism?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poses in front of one of “Mr. Rockefeller’s Bridges” in Acadia National Park, ostensibly to celebrate “socialism”

Bar Harbor, Maine – Someone on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s communications team probably didn’t do their homework. The self-described socialist New York Congressional candidate tweeted pictures on Sunday that she called “examples of democratic socialism” from her visit to Maine.

One of those pictures, however, happened to be taken in Acadia National Park, on a trail system designed and financed by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and in front of one of “Mr. Rockefeller’s Bridges” that get their name because they too were financed by Rockefeller.

The bridge and trail Ms. Cortez was calling an example of socialism was designed and financed by a capitalist whose family made their fortune in the oil industry.

You see, the story of Acadia National Park, if Ms. Cortez had taken the time to learn, is one of philanthropy. A history of donations of gorgeous tracts of land and the incredible financial support of many successful capitalists.

Instead of showing off “democratic socialism” as she was trying to do, Ms. Cortez was showing off a tremendous gift given to the people of Maine and these United States that could only be made possible by capitalism.

Following is the tweet from Ms. Cortez.

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