Ad hits Jared Golden for voting to give his re-election campaign federal tax dollars

Screenshot of a new NRCC ad hitting Rep. Jared Golden for voting to give himself $6 federal tax dollars for every $1 he raises to run for re-election.

Washington D.C. – A new ad, tweeted by the communications director of the NRCC, hits Jared Golden for his vote on a bill to give his political campaign taxpayer dollars to run for re-election.

The ad, which can be seen in the embedded tweet below, hits Golden for voting in favor of a bill that would give candidates for Congress $6 from the federal government for every $1 they raise from donors in a matching funds scheme.

According to a January analysis by Maine Examiner, for Rep. Golden that would mean $9 million from the federal government would be given to him to run for re-election in 2020 if his fundraising kept pace with his 2018 campaign.

Among other things, the ad reminds viewers that if Rep. Golden and his colleagues take that money, it can’t go toward funding education, veterans’ health services, or infrastructure. All three are typically thought of as top priorities for Mainers.

The ad, which features four masked men burglarizing a home, also says, “Socialism is theft” and mentions the fact that the scheme could “cost billions” according to the Congressional Budget Office.

House Democrats have tried to frame the bill in a different light, portraying it as an effort to get money out of politics – but it remains to be seen how Maine voters will react to the idea of tens millions of their tax dollars being pumped into the campaign of Golden and others candidates for federal office in Maine.

The ad ends by telling viewers to “Tell Jared Golden to fund his own campaign” by calling 202-224-3121.

Golden and Rep. Chellie Pingree both cosponsored the legislation discussed in this article.

New NRCC ad hits Rep. Jared Golden for voting to give himself federal tax dollars to run for office.

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