Ad Alert: Sara Gideon ad indicates her “tax plan” would raise taxes on 9 of 10 Maine families

Speaker Sara Gideon speaks at a press conference as Gov. Janet Mills and Senate President Troy Jackson look on.

AUGUSTA – A new ad from Sara Gideon indicates Gideon would raise taxes on 9 out of every 10 Maine families if Gideon were elected to the U.S. Senate. In the ad, Gideon says she would repeal a federal tax reform law passed in 2017 that sharply reduced taxes on Maine’s middle-class and working families through lower income tax rates and larger deductions.

That position combined with Gideon’s well-known position on supporting a large increase on heating oil and gasoline and a new payroll tax Gideon proposed as Speaker, Mainers could expect much less money in their pockets if Gideon were to head to Washington with the power to vote on tax laws.

In the ad, Gideon’s voice stridently proclaims she will repeal the 2017 tax reform after attacking Senator Susan Collins for voting for the bill. Gideon appears to be trying to convince Mainers that they didn’t benefit from reform, despite mountains of data demonstrating that they did.

One example is the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s 2018 report showing Mainers from Fort Kent to Kittery at all income levels seeing significant income tax relief from the bill Gideon is promising to repeal.

Gideon also claims in the ad to have reduced property taxes with a bill she sponsored last year, but that bill essentially robbed money from an income tax relief fund established before Gideon took office. Instead of allowing that fund to work as established to reduce Maine’s income tax across the board, Gideon spent in sending one-time checks of $104.

Mainers across the state this year are dealing with yet another round of property tax increases despite Gideon’s suggestion that she delivered a reduction in the property tax.

Gideon’s position on the federal tax reform law has become fodder for Team Collins on Twitter, with the staff of Senator Susan Collins highlighting exactly what Gideon repealing the tax reform law would mean for Maine families.

“A Maine worker earning between $50,000 and $75,000 a year would pay on average $1,400 more in taxes each year,” says on tweet,” said Team Collins in one tweet.

In another tweet, they laid out what the financial impact of Gideon’s position would be on a single mother in Maine earning $35,000 per year.

“Sara Gideon’s tax plan would hurt working Mainers. Her plan would mean a single mother with one child earning $35,000 a year would lose $1,100 in federal tax credits.”

One tweet showed the impact on Mainers living below the poverty line.

“Gideon would force 12,000 Maine families making $24,000 or less — who don’t currently pay federal income tax — back onto the federal tax rolls.”

Another tweet showed middle-class Mainers (those Gideon claims to want to help) would also take a beating under Gideon.

“A Maine worker earning between $50,000 and $75,000 a year would pay on average $1,400 more in taxes each year,” says the tweet.

Yet another, focused on working families with children, says, “Gideon’s tax plan would force a Maine couple with 2 children earning $60,000 a year to pay an additional $1,700 in federal income tax.”

In a confusing twist, Gideon also claims she wants to “give” the tax cuts she says she will take away from the “middle class” to the “middle class” through some other mechanism she does not describe.

In all, Team Collins says the average working or middle-class Maine family would end up pay significantly more in federal income taxes per year under Gideon’s plan.

These tax increases do not include any additional tax increases Gideon might push forward, such as the 40 cent per gallon gas and heating oil tax increase, or a revival of the new payroll tax Gideon tried to push through the Maine Legislature.

If proposals like those were added to Gideon’s repeal of the tax reform law, the average tax increase on Maine families would increase even more sharply.

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