The County: Seven arrested for illegal border crossing near Houlton, Maine

A U.S. Border Patrol agent on duty in Maine.

BRIDGEWATER – According to The County, an Aroostook County based publication owned by the Bangor Daily News, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested seven individuals for illegally crossing the U.S. Border in northern Maine on July 24th.

The news, broken by Nina Mahaleris of The County, says the arrests came as a result of a traffic stop for potential drunk driving, and that the vehicle transporting eight people crossed the center line of the road four times.

The arrests occurred in Bridgewater, about 22 miles from the Houlton port of entry.

All seven of the individuals arrested were confirmed to be from Mexico. Three of the individuals were arrested for felony charges.

The arrests come as the continuation of a string of arrests made in Maine this summer of individuals who are now lawfully present in the United States.

To read the full story from The County click here.

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