Who really writes a “Letter to the Editor” to the actual editor of a newspaper? What we do is write the letter to our fellow Mainers!

With that in mind, Maine Examiner is launching “Mainers to Mainers” – a new feature that will share your thoughts on the issues of the day to Maine Examiner’s audience across Maine.

Letters will be published twice a week and may be lightly edited for grammar and readability.

Because Maine Examiner does not have to worry about space in any “print” publication, there will be a generous 450 word limit on “Mainers to Mainers” letters.

Please use the form below to submit your letter to fellow Mainers!

Please note, Maine Examiner will not publish letters that contain libelous or defamatory statements or claims that cannot be sourced. Maine Examiner may require additional details for statements of fact provided in your letter. Providing relevant links in the text box beneath your letter will expedite any research or follow-up required. Maine Examiner reserves the right to refuse to publish letters for any reason.