Six quick facts about the woman challenging Senator Susan Collins in 2020

Dr. Cathleen London has announced she will run as a Democrat against Senator Susan Collins in 2020.

WASHINGTON – The liberal doctor who just announced she will challenge Senator Susan Collins in 2020 as a Democrat is… interesting.

Dr. Cathleen London announced in a press release that she intends to challenge Maine’s senior Senator in 2020, and a gaggle of Twitter users immediately started digging into Dr. London’s history to learn more about her. Here are some of the more interesting items they found:

Cathleen London will fight (literally physically fight) for frozen pad thai at Trader Joe’s.

Her dad is Hank Greenberg, the AIG executive who was in charge at AIG during the Wall Street meltdown and was embroiled in lawsuits for years after. She once wrote a scathing letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal defending him.

She only registered to vote in Maine in 2016 – having previously lived in Massachusetts and New York.

She is using stock photos on her website, not pictures of real Mainers.

She tweets about how many years she has had a uterus.

Her patients leave her bad reviews:

We’re sure you’ll learn more as the months fall away under our feet on the path to the 2020 election.

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