Op-ed: Bullying: Big Mistake. Big. Huge.

Comedian Michelle Fox at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Photo courtesy C-Span.

Bullying is not new: Every one of us experienced it in school and perhaps at work. StopBullying.gov says the way to stop it is to speak up about it and deplore it. So far, there’s not much evidence that’s working but it is good that national attention is being focused on bullying behavior and that affirmative actions are being taken to combat it. That attention and those actions are predominantly focused on children bullying children, especially in schools, but there is another kind of bullying in America. It is widespread, destructive and vicious. Virtually nothing is being done to stop it. Worse, some of our institutions enable and even incite it. We have all witnessed it, probably facilitated it, and maybe even engaged in it.

That bullying has been repeatedly demonstrated at institutions like Berkley, Middleburg, and Princeton. News media incite it by publicizing it. Victims facilitate it by allowing themselves to be demonized and silenced. At least weekly for years, we’ve seen mobs of progressive-leftist terrorists burning cars and vandalizing buildings, invading and disrupting meetings, or “spontaneously protesting” anywhere there’s a camera. Their despicable Alinsky tactics are cunning: They work because they exploit the fundamental human need to be liked and accepted. Progressive-leftist bullying, like schoolyard bullying, is rooted in cowardice and insecurity. Progressive bullies know their ideas cannot withstand debate or opposition because they have no factual or principled basis. Once the hatred, envy, avarice, and duplicity that underlies virtually every progressive-leftist idea is exposed, momentum is lost. Those ideas must be withdrawn, disguised in a new narrative, and reintroduced through the network of ‘community organizers’ and complicit media, to the mobs of paid and volunteer ‘activists’.

Sadly, these domestic terrorists have infiltrated most universities, nearly all media, and the Democrat party. Because they can bring a substantial constituency and control so much of what is printed and broadcast, they hold moderate Democrats hostage. Without the politics of victimhood, hatred, and blame mongering, Democrats would have to develop and run on substantive policies and support those policies with facts, principle-based argument, and actual results.

The progressive-leftist bully tactics seek to isolate opponents into groups (such as Christians, Capitalists, Conservatives, and Caucasians) and demonize them by manufacturing (or even occasionally actually finding) some abuse or injustice committed by these groups in the past. The complicit media enable and support the bullies in mobilizing the human debris that readily embraces fake victimhood to blame their failures and deficiencies on others, at least in their own minds.

It is long past time for those of us who deplore the ideas and the tactics of progressive-leftist thugs to stand up, stand together, and speak loudly and proudly. It isn’t necessary to use the tactics of the left; match their abusive, obscene language; or duplicate their criminal rioting and vandalism. We have nothing to apologize for. We have, of course, made and will make mistakes but, unlike the progressive-left, we don’t deliberately commit them. History, logic, and facts are on our side. We don’t have to yell. But, we do have to marshal our indignation and suppress our aversion to being disliked and called names. Progressive-leftists are not going to become civil or allow facts to change their minds. Engaging them is masochism. As Christ advised, we must shake their dust off our feet and move on to engage people with (open) minds. Progressive-leftists will feign shock, offense and insult that anyone disagrees with them and try to shift the discussion to strawman arguments like children starving for lack of SNAP benefits and the poor dying without medical care because fraud is being identified and terminated. Our responsibility is to know and apply facts, values, and principles, develop well founded beliefs and conclusions, and summarily dismiss strawman diversions. We are not responsible for the feelings of progressives: They will not change their ideas or their tactics until they find themselves abandoned, isolated, deplored, ignored, and disenfranchised.

If you are among those of us fed up with the sad spectacle of Democrat party pandering to their far left, loser constituency and behaving as if our laws and the standards of common decency don’t apply to them, come out of the wings, find your mark among the adults in your community, and play your role in ensuring that, after the 2018 elections, Democrats cannot avoid understanding that embracing progressive-leftist bullies was a…”Big mistake. Big. Huge.”

Ken Frederic is a native of Ellsworth and graduate of UMO. He and his wife, Betty Ann, retired to Maine in 2012 after 43 years as a Department of Defense consultant. They now live in Bristol and are active in the community, St. Patrick’s Church, and Republican politics.

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