MSNBC Host compares Bernie Sanders’ Nevada victory to Nazis taking France in WWII

Senator Bernie Sanders on stage at a rally for his Presidential campaign.

NEVADA – Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Nevada Democratic caucus appears to have triggered liberal MSNBC host Chris Mathews. Discussing the caucuses on MSNBC, Mathews compared the Sanders victory to the Nazi invasion of France in World War II.

It’s not the first time Mathews has taken shots at Sanders.

You can watch the clip below:

Mathews is not the first left-wing talking head to speak up about the perceived dangers of Democrats nominating Sanders, a self-described socialist, to challenge Donald Trump. Former Clinton strategist James Carville has also spoken out.

Recently, Mathews also invoked images of executions in Central Park in New York if communists had won the Cold War, dinging Sanders for siding with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in that conflict.

Following the Nevada caucus results, Mathews has also speculated that Democrats might be better off with Donald Trump serving four more years than dealing with the long-term damage Sanders would represent leading the party.

Reaction has been predictable, with Sanders supporters hitting Mathews for bias and unfair criticism, many saying he just doesn’t understand Sanders’ positions or his potential.

But Mathews was recently crystal clear on his position on socialism – which Sanders advocates for. “It doesn’t frickin’ work,” Mathews said.

See that clip below:

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel issued a statement on Sanders’ Nevada victory, highlighting the extreme positions Sanders and other Democratic candidates have taken as they battle for delegates in Democratic primary contests.

“Democrats are no closer to nominating a candidate who can actually beat President Trump. While Democrats bicker over whose positions are more radical, support for President Trump continues to grow because he continues to make good on his promises and our nation is thriving like never before,” said McDaniel.

“As Democrats continue to spend their resources attacking each other, our side is unified and organized for the President. In November, Americans will vote to re-elect President Trump and continue this great American comeback.”

The victory in Nevada puts Sanders in the driver’s seat for the Democratic nomination. The self-described socialist Senator from Nevada is expecting strong performances in a number of Super Tuesday states that will vote on March 3rd. Some analysts have said that if nobody can stop Sanders’ momentum by then, he will be on his way to securing the nomination.

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