Maine ranked as 10th most charitable state, best in New England

AUGUSTA – Maine is the most charitable state in New England and the 10th most charitable state overall according to the website Wallethub’s “Most Charitable States in America” rankings. The rankings were released last week.

Among the states in New England, Maine edged out New Hampshire, which ranked 11th. Massachusetts ranked 24th and Vermont, the state that has repeatedly elected self-described socialist Bernie Sanders to the U.S. Senate, ranks 36th.

Further to the south in New England, Connecticut ranks 26th, and Rhode Island, the home state of Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, ranks a dismal 45th out of the fifty states.

The rankings incorporate nineteen key indicators, WalletHub says, from the volunteer rate to charitable giving as a percentage of income and the number of homeless citizens who are sheltered.

The rankings are based on a point system using the various indicators. Maine’s score is 63.62, just a fraction behind Washington state’s 63.63.

The top state is Minnesota, at 71.25 and the lowest state is Arizona at 46.74.

The rankings show Maine ranks 6th in “volunteering and service” and  28th in “charitable giving”, our state also has the 5th most charities per capita in the nation.

Politically, the report says liberal states are slightly more charitable than conservative states. That trend does not appear to hold in New England, with the two more conservative states far outperforming the more liberal states.

Source: WalletHub

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