Maine House tables bills to give non-citizens welfare, give away electoral college votes

AUGUSTA – The Maine House of Representatives today tabled two controversial bills that were scheduled to be debated and voted upon. During a legislative work day that saw the House finish their business and adjourn before 2 pm, the House did manage to approve a taxpayer funded abortion bill, but decided not to take up the other bills.

The bill, L.D. 816, which would give away Maine’s electoral college votes to the Presidential candidate that wins the most votes across the country, regardless of how Maine votes, was tabled first.

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A few minutes later, the bill that would provide Maine taxpayer funded welfare benefits to non-citizens that is sponsored by Rep. Drew Gattine (D – Westbrook) was tabled.

L.D. 816, which would attempt to undermine the nation’s electoral college through an interstate compact binding states to the national popular vote instead of their own state’s vote, passed the Maine Senate on Tuesday.

L.D. 1317, which would provide welfare benefits to non-citizens, has not yet had any votes in the Maine Legislature.

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Several policy and activist groups launched last ditch efforts to appeal to more liberal legislators not to support one or both bills, and social media response to the vote to bypass the electoral college on Tuesday was largely negative.

A WMTW Facebook post asking Mainers if they thought Maine should join the effort to bypass the electoral college by asking followers if Maine should “Do It!” or “No” if they opposed resulted in the post seeing more than twice as many votes opposing the bill as there were supporting it.

The earliest that either bill is likely to now be heard is Tuesday, May 21, when the House reconvenes.

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