Maine Democrat who cheered white male suicides calls Trump a “racist” and “scum”

President Trump recently tweeted a video of a Maine man cheering the high suicide rate of white males. The man in the video, Richard Fochtmann, has responded by calling President Trump a “racist” and “bully” and a variety of other names.

LEEDS, ME – The Lewiston Sun Journal is reporting that a former Democrat candidate for Maine Senate and Democratic Town Chair of Leeds is calling President Trump a racist and a host of other insults. The man’s attacks on the President come just days after President Trump called the man an “animal” and tweeted a 2017 video of the man, whose name is Richard Fochtmann, praising the high suicide rate of white males.

The article, titled “Leeds man fires back after Donald Trump calls him an ‘animal’” is written by Lewiston Sun Journal reporter Steve Collins. Collins quotes Fochtmann calling President Trump a “racist” along with “scum” “bully” “narcissist” and saying that Trump “fashions himself a dictator.”

The article also refers to President Trump’s tweet about Fochtmann as a “slur” apparently because President Trump asked “What kind of animal is this?”

The Sun Journal says Fochtmann apologized for the comment 45 minutes after he made it in 2017, but other reports from the time don’t align with that explanation.

The Maine Democratic State Committee released a statement shortly after the video was released claiming Fochtmann apologized “immediately” but in an interview with the Daily Caller, Fochtmann said, “A joke’s a joke isn’t it?”

In that interview, Fochtmann also was quoted by the Daily Caller saying, “I don’t really know what to say. I thought the point of the joke is that it won’t be long, and that this won’t be a majority white nation, and I think that’s a good thing.”

In the video, Fochtmann can be heard saying, “I saw a thing [ garbled ] a lot of men, white men, were committing suicide. And I almost thought, yeah, great.”

The comment elicited hearty laughter from the crowd gathered at a Maine Democratic Party “Values and Vision” event.

Fochtmann then goes on to say he thought about it a bit and thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t say that in public.”

Standing behind Fochtmann were Maine State Democratic Party leaders, including state party Chairman Phil Bartlett. Bartlett’s presence can be seen in this longer video of the event on YouTube, but not in the video tweeted by Trump.

Fochtmann lost his election for State Senate in 2016 by almost 35 percentage points and has since resigned his position as Chairman of the Leeds Democratic Town Committee.

The video of Fochtmann, retweeted by President Trump, has now been viewed more than 2.6 million times.


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