Maine Dem candidate for Governor Janet Mills and a Melania Trump abortion suggestion

A screenshot provided to Maine Examiner shows Janet Mills’ “liked” a Facebook post from a friend suggesting Melania Trump may have been missing from public view in late May and early June because she was out having an abortion. Original screenshot of the Facebook post is at the bottom of this article.

AUGUSTA – When lawyer Stan Tupper posted on Facebook about Melania Trump’s absence from public view in early June just before the gubernatorial primary elections, he restricted the post to only be visible to his Facebook friends. Maine Attorney General Janet Mills is friends with Tupper on Facebook and she appears to have appreciated his comment suggesting the First Lady of the United States was out having an abortion.

Mr. Tupper suggested in his Facebook post that the First Lady’s absence was due to her being “pro-choice”, suggesting that her absence could be the result of her ending a pregnancy.

“Suppose Melania Trump is pro-choice, and that explains her absence?” said Mr. Tupper on the post.

Not long after Mr. Tupper made the post, Janet Mills, with her personal Facebook account, came along and “liked” the post, as is visible in the screenshot provided to Maine Examiner.

The first comment on the post, from another individual, reads, “In order to entertain that thought, one would have to imagine how she got herself pregnant”

This is not the first time Mills has found the topic of a Republican leader and abortion amusing. Mills infuriated supporters of Governor Paul LePage and pro-life Mainers by making an abortion joke about the Governor and his family in front of a crowd of hundreds at a Maine Democratic Party convention as Attorney General.

Attorney General Mills also made headlines in a landmark decision to sue to stop a pastor from protesting outside an abortion clinic. That lawsuit was decried by free speech advocates as an unconstitutional infringement on the First Amendment rights of the pastor.

It was eventually revealed that the First Lady was out for treatment for a benign kidney condition. At the time, however, several major news outlets were fixated on the First Lady’s lack of public appearances and speculation on a variety of potential reasons for the absence swirled through the liberal Washington media, prompting a response from President Trump on Twitter.

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Screenshot of Janet Mills ‘liking’ a Facebook post from a friend suggesting First Lady Melania Trump was out having an abortion in late May and early June.

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