Leaked Email: Ben Chin Says Lewiston Voters “Bunch of Racists”


LEWISTON – A leaked internal email from the Ben Chin for Mayor campaign shows the candidate himself emailing his inner campaign team to express his feelings that voters in Lewiston’s Ward 6 are racists.

The email, provided to Maine Examiner by a Chin campaign insider concerned about the direction of the campaign, is directly from Chin after a canvassing session in Ward 6 in June.

Ben Chin speaks during Lewiston Mayor debate.

In the email Chin writes to his inner campaign circle about his experience canvassing Ward 6, including statistics on how many voters he visited and interactions with several voters, but he ends his message with “Bunch of racists too…”

This leak to Maine Examiner follows on the disclosure of the Chin campaign’s volunteer list containing a known and previously convicted pedophile by The Daily Caller last week.

You can read the leaked email Chin sent to his campaign team in the screenshot at the end of this article.

Maine Examiner has examined the original electronic message file, which we required to verify the authenticity of the email before publishing this story.

Chin is the political director of the Maine People’s Alliance, a liberal political group, and works as a lobbyist in Augusta. Chin’s opponent is Shane Bouchard, a Lewiston small-business owner. The election for Mayor of Lewiston is on December 12.

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Screenshot of email Ben Chin sent to his inner campaign team on June 15, 2017.

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