Lawmakers propose 20 percent Maine marijuana sales tax

Lawmakers tasked with the job of implementing the legalization of recreational marijuana sales have proposed a 20% sales tax on sales of recreational marijuana, according to a committee letter and draft of a bill published by the Portland Press Herald.

A letter attached to the document explains that lawmakers had sought to apply an excise tax to effectively tax recreational marijuana at 20%. The committee said they had difficulty determining a standard method to do so. Instead the committee opted to move the sales tax from 10% to 20% on recreational marijuana sales in Maine.

The draft bill also includes language that would allow Maine medical marijuana dispensaries to convert from non-profit to for-profit status, but the committee states that it intends to advocate for the removal of that language in this bill.

The draft law can be read at this link:

Members of the Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation can be found here:

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