In Maine, Trump campaign keeps growing despite stay home mandate

Two Maine Trump Victory callers making calls to voters continuing the Trump Victory virtual campaign during the COVID-19 stay at home order. Maine Trump Victory says they are contacting more than 30,000 voters per week.

AUGUSTA – Maine Trump Victory continues to campaign hard, achieving record numbers this past weekend – all from home, as their counterparts struggle to try and stay within striking distance.

In a release, Nina McLaughlin, a Spokesperson for Maine Trump Victory, a partnership of the RNC and Maine GOP, touted this past weekend’s virtual ‘National Weekend of Action,’ saying that they had contacted more than 33,000 voters across the state, all from home.

Nationally, Trump Victory contacted nearly 4 million voters across the country during their “National Weekend of Action”.

According to the same release, Maine Trump Victory has contacted nearly 150,000 voters since they switched to a completely virtual campaign. That change to a virtual campaign happened within a 24 hour period on March 13th. The voter contact numbers Maine Trump Victory is touting represent about 30,000 voter contacts per week.

In addition to the online-only voter contact program, Maine Trump Victory says they have also held more than 60 Trump Victory Leadership Initiative trainings, which they dub ‘TVLIs’. According to McLaughlin, the TVLIs are the organization’s premier training program, designed to facilitate rapid volunteer growth and focus on spreading the campaign and party’s message to every community across the country.

Trump Victory and the Republican National Committee aren’t just calling random numbers in a phone book either, they’ve reportedly invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a top-notch data program that lets them identify and contact voters with cutting edge technology and data.

After seeing the major issues in the Romney campaign’s ORCA program in 2012, the RNC quickly and effectively launched the largest data program in the history of political campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Democrat National Committee has lagged behind in their data operation, and just recently announced that they are planning on revamping their struggling system, only six months shy of November. 

In 2017, Hillary Clinton made headlines when she criticized the DNC for bequeathing a “non-existent” data operation unto her when she became the party’s presidential nominee. This has remained a problem for the Democrat’s since, who, since 2016 have discussed ways in which to remodel their data operation. 

As the nation continues to take shelter during the global coronavirus pandemic, one thing remains clear: Trump Victory hasn’t slowed down, thanks in part to an unparalleled data operation which fuels a revolutionary ground game, virtual or not. 

If the numbers reported by the RNC grow even more through the summer and into the fall, it will be hard for the DNC and their Presidential nominee to keep pace, no matter how much money they spend.

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