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Editorial: If attaching strings to foreign aid is impeachable, cancel it all

Transcripts of the testimony of two more of Rep. Adam Schiff’s star closed-door hearing guests have

Maine House GOP Leader Dillingham: Dems bent on taking everything taxpayers have, spending spree is not over

Following is a weekly Republican Radio Address from House Republican leader Rep. Kathleen Dillingham. Hello, this

READ: LePage Op-Ed the Portland Press Herald Refused to Run

Following is an Op-Ed written by former Governor Paul LePage that he says the Portland Press

Senator Dow: Liberal groups attacking Maine Republicans for votes that never happened

Following is the Maine Republican Weekly Radio Address from Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow. It’s that

OP-ED: On Fact-Free “Truth” in Politics

Following is an Op-Ed from Maine Examiner contributor Ken Frederic. Joe DiGenova probably coined a new

Rep. John Deveau: More extreme laws & tax increases coming in Maine, your voice is needed to stop them

Hello, this is Representative John DeVeau, the State Representative from Caribou. Maine’s most recent legislative session

Sara Gideon’s team made her leave a public event, then newspapers refused to publish her story

Following is an op-ed that was submitted to major Maine newspapers from former State Representative Paula

Sen. Cyrway: Janet Mills, Dems Have A Lot Of Bills But No Plans To Make Spending Effective

The titles for potential new bills have been submitted for the Second Session of the current

Op-Ed: Solutions, or How We Can Move Beyond Trolls

 “Another View”, like any group daring to dispute progressive-approved, politically correct talking points, has had a

Letter: Give Janet Mills’ admin an earful on nursing homes, waiting lists at Listening Sessions

Following is a Letter in the new Maine Examiner feature “Letters from Mainers to Mainers.” You

We’re a beacon of hope for Hong Kong but a rage-mob at home – let’s do better

Following is a Maine Examiner editorial. It’s mid-August in America. Most of the family summer vacations

Op-Ed: Expensive lessons in Baltimore

Following is a Maine Examiner Op-Ed from contributor Ken Frederic. The longer one waits to learn

Wadsworth: Maine should put vulnerable citizens first, but this legislature did not

Maine citizens have a long history of moderation and the balancing of viewpoints when it comes

Op-Ed: No, we are not safe

Following is a Maine Examiner Op-Ed from contributor Ken Frederic. Summer has finally arrived along the

Op-Ed: My Life, leave me alone

I marvel at my wife’s knowledge of movies and music: She’s a formidable trivia opponent. I

Emoji economics and cow fart concerns

Emoji Economics: The practice of putting unworkable economic proposals into 140-character social media statements and clever

AOC, Smollett, Russia collusion: The Empty Wagons

This is a Maine Examiner contributor opinion piece. About 40 years ago FORD Aerospace was responding

OPEN LETTER: Dear America, Don’t Buy Into The Ranked-Choice Voting Scam

  If you were asked if you wanted to change the way your state votes so

Op-ed: How Do You Decide? First, disregard charlatans and manipulators

Maine Examiner contributor Ken Frederic offers some tips and advice to help readers sort out political

Op-ed: Bullying: Big Mistake. Big. Huge.

Bullying is not new: Every one of us experienced it in school and perhaps at work.

Op-ed: Common Sense: Not Dead Yet

This is a Maine Examiner contributor opinion piece. Examples of mindlessness these days are so numerous

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