At 100 days out, Republicans advocate for law and order, sending children back to school

Republican grassroots supporters gather at a Dunkin’ recently as they prepare to get to work.

AUGUSTA – Violent protests have erupted across the country, every day in the news is a new story or photo of violent mobs destroying property, attacking law enforcement and putting Americans in danger. 

These dangerous and violent riots have handed Republicans a newfound opportunity to contrast President Trump’s call for law and order with Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats’ nearly non-existent response to violent riots.

In Portland Oregon, federal agents have been forced to defend the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse after violent rioters shot large commercial grade fireworks and climbed over the fence protecting the building. Several officers were also blinded by a high powered laser brandished by violent protesters. 

Near the protests, officers even found loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails.

In Portland, government and private buildings alike have had to be shut down amid violent rioters. Local business owners are calling the downtown area desolate, with buildings being forced to board their windows to deter protestors.

President Trump has condemned the destructive riots on numerous occasions, while offering his support for those participating in nonviolent protests. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has largely ignored the issue, acting almost as if the rioters don’t exist at all.

Maine Trump Victory, the name given to the Maine political operation which fuses the Trump campaign, the RNC and the state Republican Party into one political fighting force, has echoed the President’s law and order rhetoric.

In a post on the GOP website, Andrew Mahaleris, the RNC’s Deputy Communications Director for Maine and New Hampshire said that “Biden’s lack of reaction to violence is a stark reminder that you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

This past weekend, the joint campaign effort held a Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Training, Trump Victory’s premier grassroots education tool, in Bangor outside of a Dunkin Donuts before canvassing for Republican candidates up and down the ticket.

Before canvassing, speakers at the event touched on law and order and the importance of ensuring our children are educated in the classroom this fall. 

Joshua Hiatt, a candidate for Maine House District 126 in Bangor and a teacher at Penobscot Christian Academy, spoke heavily on reopening our schools.

“Our President is thankfully stepping up…he wants to put over $100 billion in education funding as part of the next coronavirus bill.” Hiatt said. “Education is essential for our society.”

President Trump and the RNC have put a heavy focus on reopening our schools, with the RNC saying that “an overwhelming amount of scientists, doctors, and pediatricians, across America agree that schools should open this fall.”

With only 100 days until Election Day, it’s clear that Republicans are counting on voters’ desire to get children back in school and protect their communities from the violence they are seeing on their television every night.

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